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    Parsing in Shards

    I remember staff (Wiz) having/using one in Shadow Haven back in 2004. It didn’t have the functions you mentioned directly, but you could summon mobs to test that already had those stats. So, if nothing else, those tools for DPS parsing are something that were once a thing for staff.
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    Jontrann's Jailing, a response.

    Well, if they somehow kept the 999 days thing (‘cause I don’t actually remember it becoming an actual ban), his jail sentence is up around the 16th of this month. It’s solid timing to hold an event. I mean, Vagpounder died for our sins, too. Sorc’s Lab was never the same after Felyn got banned...
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    Stories of New: Orcs - Quest not completable?

    Man, even I think that’s a slam dunk idea, and I have (mostly) fringe, silly ideas. I’d bet it happens.
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    Heals - Better, but still lacking.

    It happens. No worries, mate.
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    Kedrin's Notes

    I believe he read six words of it.
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    Forond’s Fortifications suggestion

    I have done or attempted this quest at least 5 times. I’ve completed it twice IIRC. I did it on Cless because I wanted to see how rewarding it was and to do all the Kelethin and Greater Faydark quests available to him. Also, I like wearing the look of newbie armor sets because I’m weird, so I...
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    Loot Associates

    If you can box a paladin and can make 2 hotkeys with 1 button for /follow and another casting the spell in slot 1, I’d bet your hand paddles will work fine! One button per paddle.
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    Loot Associates

    My guess is the kind that wears boxing gloves instead of clown shoes on their hands.
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    Graphical Lag into Latency

    I thought that happened to everyone for last 10% on Blazewind. Who didn’t get hell lag?
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    Took a break from math, did some hotel work for funsies, but now I’m working at a dental lab...

    Took a break from math, did some hotel work for funsies, but now I’m working at a dental lab designing and making teeth (crowns, bridges, stuff like that). Apparently doing 3D mapping in video games like Descent growing up and quadratic splines and curve-fitting for statistics in high school...
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    Aye, good sir. Just super busy with work.

    Aye, good sir. Just super busy with work.
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    My Rogue Wish List/Suggestions

    There’s a class tome for increased Backstab damage. Having a chance to have those hit for effectively 20x at the start of a fight is just asking to get beatdown first without any aggro adjustments. Saving Escape for that would do the job, but that doesn’t help lower level groups. I worked a lot...
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    Thazeran, The Great Guardian (Four Tower) Kill Video

    Like he said, the ones halfway across the map. You know, not in the same raid of 18 players, who are probably just being botted to check Track.
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    Loot Associates

    Join the circlejerk. Looks like you’ve done that part already by posting here, though. Good job!
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    Potential New Guild Name

    Brother Husbands
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