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    Patch Notes - August 10th, 2021

    That sounds vaguely like adept exp code. No idea why it would be global though. Perhaps something added with hardcore mode?
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    The Shadowknight Class

    Shadowknights should be best self healers, it's their niche now for better or worse. Also it fits their setup as the 'selfish' tank. Having no context for the numbers and the class rework overall doesn't allow for good feedback. Please make sure to not change up the niches. The rogue rework...
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    The disaster that is last year to the ENC class aka Everything Wrong With Enchanters

    The thing that indicates to me personally that enchanters have lost their place, is that their utility uniqueness is so far diminished that when you want to build a caster group for a raid you'll just compare dps between the four caster classes and as long as you don't want/need mezzes for an...
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    The Shadowknight Class

    Shadowknights are built like a solo class in a lot of their tool set, and I think they make one of if not the strongest solo characters, which is pretty cool. However much of this is discarded in the raiding game and their lack of direct group benefit doesn't help in the later stages of the game...
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    Tradeskill & Misc. Feedback - Featuring Emzur & Enderi (Ongoing)

    I agree with Cole on not bypassing mining with farming. It's a tricky road to go down. However, I dont think it would hurt to add ores to certain difficult zones as a reward if done correctly. For example, for the current best Type 2 Augments you need two deepemetal ore. Deepemetal is...
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    QOL requests

    I've asked about Malath lore before and it's kinda unknown in general what the exact intent that Wiz had was. Personally I like to think that the Lands of Magic were Dalaya's second moon. Which would make Malath a moon god which is why he's a bit distinct from other deities and also why The...
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    Patch Notes - March 4th, 2021

    I'm not against hardmodes in general. I think that removing hardmode is going to be the only way to really find a good solution to this specific issue. Though I do agree with the staff's aversion to them because of overlapping content. If we were in a pre-vision version of the game, I would...
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    Patch Notes - March 4th, 2021

    Yeah and I don't think that is a huge problem for the 1-3 tower loot. It could get reversed to instead of bosses up its bosses currently down if the fight itself no longer scales. The real crutch of the problem is that the swords can only drop under certain circumstances, the rest of the loot...
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    Patch Notes - March 4th, 2021

    Hardmode should be removed. Get the swords by doing a quest (in the vein of nz/custo swords). Chance of dropping bonus loot scales with bosses alive or raid kill flags.
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    Fame Rewards

    The only reason I can think of to not transfer fame is that there are some events where fame is given out per character and you can run it multiple times with alts to try and game the system. This is obviously super minimal in reality, but I think was part of the concern back in the old days...
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    SoD Parser

    All the things I listed are possible with a little bit of imagination. Yes there are obviously limits due to the client and the way things are logged, but a little bit of data cleaning and maths can go a long way to being able to show new things or old things better. As for ENC buffs being not...
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    SoD Parser

    Most players from what I have seen use gamparse to parse logs and to get a measure of their characters ability in-game. Gamparse was built for old Ever Quest and doesn't support SoD beyond the basics, as such it often has errors. When players are attempting to discuss theoretical versus...
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    Please also look at Rootfruit if/when this happens.
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    Sunken Cathedral: bugs and feedback thread

    Is this zone supposed to be a 6-man raid encounter (ie with bosses, loots, and raid restrictions)? Or is it supposed to be a dungeon zone designed for groups of six (ie citadel, first ruins)?
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    So now that we have new AAs...

    Nwaij is certainly not alone in wanting factions to be more meaningful in game. Staff assuming biases' has been a problem lately and this is the sort of thing where it starts to show impact on the game itself. Factions would be a great place to put expendable AAs. Or those unique abilities...
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